Folder Lock

Superb tool for password-protecting any folder on a PC


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  • Category Blockers & Access Control
  • Program license Trial version
  • Version 7.8.7
  • Size 10.41 MB
  • Works under: Windows 98 SE
  • Also available for Android 
  • Program available in English
  • Program by newsoftwaresinc

Folder Lock integrates with Windows Explorer and also operates as a standalone program that can password protect and encrypt files and folders.

Folder Lock is a useful tool if you share a workstation or simply have sensitive information you don’t want accessed accidentally or via snooping. The program locks and encrypts all types of files and folders, and that can be useful for protecting personal documents, when sending important emails, or in the event your computer or other device is stolen or accessed without your permission.

Folder Lock is a standalone program with its own user interface, but it also integrates with Windows Explorer. The user interface is attractive and designed well for what it is, but the Web 2.0-style it uses may be a little too basic for this type of application. Fortunately, most users will simply access the locking, encryption, and shredding tools directly through operating system menus most of the time.

The program lets you lock existing folders or create a locked folder than you can then drop items into. Integration with other applications is basic at best, so using locked folders with some programs will prove problematic. Folder Lock also offers a specialized type of locked folder called a Password Wallet, which you can use to store account names, passwords, email addresses and similar information.

In addition to locking and unlocking, Folder Lock encrypts and decrypts folders and files. Everything is password protected, and you can even lock and encrypt entire drives, including USB flash drives or CDs and DVDs. There’s built-in options to protect email messages and attachments, and the receiver only need know the password in order to access those items.

Another useful feature of Folder Lock is Secure Backup, which lets you back up folders or files securely to local storage or the cloud. Moved data is automatically locked and encrypted, and that’s very convenient when backing up folders and files you don’t necessarily want locked locally.

Folder Lock includes a number of other useful tools, such as a shredder that deletes files in an unrecoverable manner and a history cleaner that deletes cookies and similar items. Perhaps the biggest issue with the program is that despite support for some compression methods, such as Zip, it lacks support for many common third-party compression tools, such as WinRAR.


  • Standalone program and Explorer integration
  • Locks all types of files and folders
  • Deletes files so they’re unrecoverable


  • Web-style interface is too basic
  • Lacks support for many types of compression
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